The most advanced portfolio system yet: Semplice 6 is here

Tobias van Schneider
3 min readJun 9, 2022

Ten years ago, my co-founder and I started working on a new product called Semplice.

A website builder by designers, for designers, based on WordPress. And today, I’m excited to announce that we’ve launched the 6th version of it!

Semplice V6 is finally live. And not just that, we also re-launched our brand new website.

It really is crazy to think that we’ve been working on this product for this long. And still to this day we’ve been self-funded, bootstrapped and entirely independent, which is something I’m quite proud of because you can’t see this very often in these days (most tech companies are VC funded).

Semplice has always been a bit different because we’re not like any other SaaS company selling subscriptions. Instead we’re operating like a software company in the old days. You buy Semplice as it is, the current version. Then you can use it until pretty much forever on your own hosting. Every two or so years, we launch a brand new version with major features, which you can then acquire as an upgrade. But of course you don’t have to. We like the flexibility it gives our members and it seems like many appreciate it as well.

This also gives us an incentive to keep making the product better, instead of just charging people monthly for a service (which is theoretically a better business model, of course — that’s why pretty much everyone else is doing subscription-based apps or services).

Our brand new website at

After a decade of building it, I can confidently say that Semplice has become incredibly strong and well-rounded. I love using it every day, not just for my own website or portfolio, but also to build other websites with it such as,, and countless others. Many more examples can be found in our Showcase.

If you’re using Semplice, thank you for your support. And if you’re considering using Semplice, I hope being around for 10 years shows you can put your trust in us. Perhaps Semplice V6 is your time to join our little family.

If you’ve previously purchased Semplice, we’re offering a special family discount. You can upgrade from a previous version to the new one right → here.

If you’re brand new to Semplice, just browse and see if it’s right for you. If you have questions, you can either ask me or shoot a quick email to

And if you’re not in the market for a new website builder tool right now, you may enjoy some of the additional resources we’re offering at our Semplice Supply shop.