My favorite art director portfolios made with Semplice

A great portfolio requires a knack for curation and attention to details, and nobody knows that better than an art director.

I always enjoy seeing portfolios by art directors and creative directors, because they just get it. They are masters of presentation and meticulous about typography, about consistency, about the story they are telling. It’s their job, after all. And it makes for beautiful portfolios.

These are just a few great online portfolios I’ve seen lately from art directors who used Semplice to build their site.

Diego Gallego

Estudio Diego Gallego is an independent graphic design consultancy based in Seville. The typography and layout lends a clean, editorial look to this portfolio without being predictably minimalist.


Tina Smith

Tina Smith is an art director and designer based in New York. When I talked about meticulous, polished art director portfolios before, this one came first to mind.


Darcy Moore

Darcy Moore is a graphic designer and art director currently works for Apple in California. There’s much to love about this site: The bold imagery on the black background, the exclusion effect in the nav, the full-screen images in the case studies. All of it artfully and tastefully done.


Elena Miska

Elena Miska is an independent designer and art director based in New York. I love the typography pairings on this site, as well as the scattered grid layout on the homepage with the unexpected hover effects. All of it adds up to be strong and elegant, right in line with Miska’s personal brand.


Davy Denduyver

Davy Denduyver is a freelance graphic designer and art director based in Bruges, Belgium. This site has so much style without feeling overly done or distracting. The 3D tilt on the homepage along with the four-corner nav made this an instant favorite for our Semplice team.



Cover image by Elena Miska

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