Is the folder dead?

Then we invented computers.

So why do we still use folders on our computers?

We don’t need folders to understand our computers anymore. And our computers certainly don’t need folders to find what we need.

You already think this way when you make a Google search.

Imagine your own personal Google — a database of everything you love.

This is the purpose of mymind. A personal search engine for everything you care about, enhanced with artificial intelligence.

“When you’re not upholding the illusion of productivity, you can actually be productive.”

Folders and drawers forced us to think in categories. To “save” something, we first had to think about which drawer or folder it belonged in. But our digital world is more fast-paced and flexible than ever. The way we consume and save information has become faster, more chaotic and more transient. Not everything fits into just one folder or drawer. Some things are more fluid. Sometimes there is no right folder for it, sometimes there are multiple correct folders, and sometimes you don’t need one at all. Self-imposed organization, just for the sake of it, limits our ability to stay in the flow.

The folder is dead.

How we work and think digitally is already changing. We are slowly realizing how outdated our old systems are, and how much time they waste. Technology has made organizing, filtering, tagging, grouping and categorizing obsolete. We cling to these old methods out of comfort and familiarity. They create a sense of productivity when all we’re really doing is moving data around to no end.

What could you spend that time and energy on instead?

mymind is for those who no longer want to work for their tools. They know stopping to think about where to put something, or where to find it, wastes precious time they could use elsewhere. They would rather create, explore, think, write, read, dance and move forward.

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Tobias van Schneider

Tobias van Schneider

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