📱 Instantly elevate your product designs — Timeless, brandless handheld device mockups

Tobias van Schneider
1 min readSep 7, 2021


Half the work of a designer is presentation.

A good idea can only go so far without a great pitch. A cautious client will never make a bold leap unless they’re sold on it. And a beautiful design can be quickly dragged down by poor assets.

Which is precisely why we made these device mockups

Example design made with our mockups

High-quality, timeless mockups are hard to come by. They are either branded and quickly dated, or designed at a strange angle, or hard to adapt, or so low quality they cheapen our work.

Our device mockups from Semplice Supply are made to be the opposite.

Minimally designed without branding or details that quickly date your designs, they can be used for anything from presentations to your portfolio.

When you’ve put all the work into designing beautiful UX/UI designs or prototypes, why settle for anything less when presenting them?

Happy designing,
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