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Tobias van Schneider
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These designers use Semplice to showcase and market their custom typography work. With full control to upload custom typography, set site-wide styles, mobile styles — and most recently, use variable typefaces, Semplice is made for type lovers.

Here are just a few of our favorite typography portfolios from the Semplice family.


Typozon’s website combines beautiful typography with color. Each case study is custom designed with colors that complement the work.

Visit Typozon’s portfolio →

Tina Smith

Instead of creating separate case studies for each typography project, Tina Smith features all her lettering work within one scrolling project. She links it from her homepage as well as her main navigation, giving more prominence to this specialty on her site.

Visit Tina Smith’s portfolio →

Nelson Balaban

Nelson Balaban’s portfolio leads with text over visuals, a refreshing approach from a designer. This site is all about the small details — the line dividers, hover effects and thin, blocky typography makes the design.

See Nelson Balaban’s portfolio →

Ayaka B. Ito

Like other designers featured here, Ayaka B. Ito uses her own typography throughout her portfolio. Together with unexpected colors and hover effects, her website is both playful and elegant.

View Ayaka B. Ito’s portfolio →

Nikolas Wrobel

Nikolas Wrobel uses Semplice as a marketing page for his typefaces (we are big fans of his Grand Slang typeface). He then links out to a shop where people can purchase fonts.

Visit Nikolas Wrobel’s portfolio →

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