Beating the odds and celebrating 5 years of Semplice

A while back, I read that 90% of all startups fail within the first five years. That’s a scary prospect as a business owner, knowing your own company has a 10% chance or less of surviving.

Semplice is bootstrapped and independent

Semplice has been self-financed since the very beginning and has been profitable since the beginning. We are proud of that. We have never taken on investments and have remained independent over the years, despite plenty of temptation to do otherwise.

Our team is entirely remote

From the start, we wanted the Semplice team to be remote. My founding partner and I started the company with an ocean between us, in Munich and New York. Today our team hails from Munich, Berlin, New York, Italy, Ukraine and Nashville.

We’re almost all designers

We’re building a product that is for designers, so we figured it only makes sense if it’s by designers as well. Almost everyone on our team comes from a traditional design background, even if design isn’t the main contribution they make at Semplice. Design is part of our DNA and we make every decision through the lens. Design is our passion, and if you’ve seen our products you can tell.

We’re in it deeper than just our product

While Semplice is our core product, we’re in this whole thing for so much more.

But let’s get real for a moment

Working on Semplice has been a challenge, not just because of the technicalities of building our product and finding our market, but also running a small business for the past 5+ years.

Where are we going?

All I know is that we’re going, and I hope we will for many more years. Our goal is to continue to build a healthy business and create products we and other people love to use. Semplice is about building with pride, and that applies to us and the people who use our tool.

Self-taught Designer & Maker. Un-Employed. Founder of Formerly Spotify — More About me:

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