A clean, peaceful place to read your articles without distractions.

Tobias van Schneider
3 min readJun 27, 2022

The people who use mymind typically have an intellectual side. They like to think, learn and challenge themselves on their own time. So we knew this brand new feature was not optional: Reader Mode.

If you’re not already familiar, mymind is an AI-powered tool for saving and finding everything you want to remember. A lot of the time, that’s an article.

Often when you see an article that interests you, you don’t have time to read it in the moment. Usually, you keep the page open in a browser tab to come back to later — until you inevitably exit out and lose it forever. Or you save it a folder graveyard within your browser bookmarks. Or you add the link somewhere in a list app, notes app or message to yourself with an app.

Now, you keep it in your mind.

If you’re on our Mastermind plan, you can now save and read entire articles within your mind — beautifully and minimally designed without distractions.

With our new Reading Mode:

– mymind strips all the ads and other clutter away. All the blinking ads, competing headlines, links and other chaos are removed. It’s a clean view of the article so you can read in peace, without distractions.

– The article will be safe in your mind forever. If the publication decides to remove it later, or if the page is broken or lost, you’ll still have it in your mind.

Everything want to read is within reach. You no longer have to rack your brain trying to remember which article it was you wanted to read, where it was published, who wrote it or where you saved it. Every article in mymind is automatically tagged with “read later.” Just search that tag, or any keyword you remember from the article, and your mind will find it. It’s better than Googling for it, because mymind is the Google for your own brain. It only shows you results that matter to you, nothing else.

This may seem like a simple feature, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make it feel that way. The mymind AI not only has to recognize and differentiate articles from other types of content — it has to analyze the article, catalog the keywords so you can find it later, identify and strip away all the surrounding clutter from the original page, and store it inside your mind.

If you’re a Mastermind member of mymind, just save any article to your mind to try it out. Inside the article card in the lower left corner, you’ll see the Reader Mode icon, which will reveal your complete article in one clean view.

This is just a starting point. Eventually, you’ll be able to highlight text within an article in your mind, make annotations and more. Slowly but surely, we hope mymind can be a central place for you to save and find what’s important to you. Your bookmarking tool, moodboard creator, reading tool, notetaking tool, todo list and personal search engine, all in one beautiful mind.

Thank you for reading,