I’ll be honest. Staying consistent with a personal publication like DESK can be a challenge. And sometimes I don’t. Yet here we are another year and hundreds of articles later.

I can’t put my finger on it, but over the last couple months there’s been a feeling growing inside me. Perhaps you can call it an observation, but one I’m struggling to put into words. This article is an attempt to describe this feeling.

I like to call myself a digital native. I wasn’t born with a smartphone in my hand, but the online world played a massive role in my early teenage years. I was far from the brightest kid in school, and rather awkward socially…

Flags are a universal statement of pride. Put anything on a flag and you give it power and prominence in people’s minds.

We’ve taken existing designs, created new ones — even just arranged different shapes on our new Supply flag mockups, and they instantly have an epic air to them.

See all 6 flag mockups →

From the luxurious fabric to the seams to the slight…

Once a week, we select two portfolios created with Semplice to feature in our Best Of Showcase. Here we’ve collected our favorites from the past month.

Browse the best portfolios…

A great portfolio requires a knack for curation and attention to details, and nobody knows that better than an art director.

These are just a few great…

After announcing last week that I’m now partner & co-CEO at Carbonmade, I’ve received a lot of questions about the difference between Carbonmade and Semplice. I’d love to answer them right here.

Ultimately, both products are great at what they do (otherwise I wouldn’t work on them) but they have slightly different use cases and it depends a lot on what you want to achieve with them.

As I mentioned in my original Carbonmmade announcement, I see both Semplice and Carbonmade on…

Tobias van Schneider

Self-taught Designer & Maker. Un-Employed. Founder of https://www.semplice.com/ Formerly Spotify — More About me: http://www.vanschneider.com

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